DweloCare Representative


Provo, Utah

About Dwelo

Dwelo is bringing home automation to apartment communities. Our software, hardware, and service platform enables the owners and managers of multifamily properties to offer smart homes as an amenity to their residents while simultaneously improving the efficiency of their operations. Dwelo smart apartments are live in over a dozen markets and counting. We are a small team making a lot happen, we are the leaders in this space while taking on some big names, and we are on track for a billion dollar outcome.

Your Mission

As a DweloCare Representative, you'll be front and center in helping to educate and solve customer's problems. You will work directly with customers via phone and email to understand and solve their service needs. You will work with our engineering team to troubleshoot technical issues. You will work with the operations team to coordinate our onsite response teams. You will work with the DweloCare manager to identify patterns and trends in customer issues. You will help the DweloCare manager think strategically about scaling support operations and personnel needs. You will embody Dwelo's "Care More" values in all customer correspondence.

Dwelo's customer base is ballooning and more customers equals more customer questions and problems to solve. We need another star player who can come in on the ground floor and roll-up their sleeves to solve tough problems and help design the department for the future. This will be a challenging role, with significant upside in both career trajectory and financial compensation.

Outputs and Responsibilities

  • Generate consistently positive feedback from customers on their experience with DweloCare
  • Independently manage 50 cases per week with mean-time-to-resolution under 3 days
  • Keep 100%-accurate records of customer correspondence and relevant case details in Salesforce
  • Identify and document recurring "known issues" in a way that's easily consumed by other internal stakeholders (i.e. operations, engineering, etc..)
  • Coordinate with multiple stakeholder departments in parallel (e.g. engineers troubleshooting, field technicians on-site)
  • Participate in the after-hours/weekend support rotation twice per quarter

We Are Looking for...

  • An unrelentingly positive attitude
  • A diplomat who can deal with tough customer issues in a sensitive and effective way
  • Basic technical proficiency with the ability to learn and communicate how our product works
  • Someone who can operate effectively under pressure
  • A problem solver with a knack for breaking down problems and isolating variables
  • Someone with at least a year of experience directly interfacing with customers
  • Someone with basic computer skills (word, ppt, excel, etc...) 
  • Someone with work experience that's required strong organizational skills (e.g. working in high-volume environments, etc...)

Compensation and Benefits

  • A salary in the range of $32k - $40k depending on experience
  • Stock options
  • Medical benefits
  • Paid holidays
  • Unlimited vacation (just get your stuff done, we don't track days off)
  • Work from home flexibility

If interested, email your resume and any additional comments to david@dwelo.com.