Senior Software Engineer


Either of these markets:

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Salt Lake City, UT

About Dwelo

Dwelo is bringing home automation to apartment communities. Our software, hardware, and service platform enables the owners and managers of multifamily properties to offer smart homes as an amenity to their residents while simultaneously improving the efficiency of their operations. Dwelo smart apartments are live in over a dozen markets and counting. We are a small team making a lot happen, we are the leaders in this space while taking on some big names, and we are on track for a billion dollar outcome.

Your Mission

As a Senior Software Engineer, you will lead engineering projects and write code. We're in the early days of our platform and are looking to grow it substantially over the next two years, with distinct projects that will require leadership and engineering expertise to conceptualize features, plan technical roadmaps, define architecture, and guide a team to complete projects in a timely manner. You will take on that responsibility for things like microservices, integrations with external platforms, and absorbing new devices into our system. We will more than double the size of the team in about a year, and we will need leaders with engineering expertise to help onboard the new hires and accelerate the growth of our product.

Outputs and Responsibilities

  • Writes reliable, tested code to deliver projects and follows it from localhost to production.
  • Reviews other engineers' code regularly.
  • Writes operational utilities for maintaining our system.
  • Writes specifications and proposals to solve technical problems.
  • Participates in the planning and estimation of feature delivery and engineering projects.
  • Evaluate new tools and technologies to build our product.
  • Work with operations to debug problems, gather data, and report on the state of our system.

We Are Looking for...

  • Experience with cloud-first architecture, devops engineering methodologies, and scaled distributed systems
  • Experience and interest in dynamically and statically typed languages
  • Experience with at least one database technology
  • Software development workflow experience (code source control, testing, code review, collaboration, deploying, etc.)
  • Ability to work on parts of the stack that might be peripheral to their core focus, like the web application or the mobile application
  • Is a pragmatic implementer--able to make valuable, incremental progress to a goal without losing sight of a more perfect solution
  • An exemplar and facilitator of good organizational citizenry and psychological safety

Compensation and Benefits

  • A salary in the range of $100k-$120k depending on experience
  • Stock options
  • Medical benefits
  • Paid holidays
  • Unlimited vacation (just get your stuff done, we don't track days off)

If interested, email your resume and any additional comments to